Driven Social #63

You can see some changes in MyChronicles 007. Yes. MyChronicles 007 was driven Social. It's because of the initiative by Regzkaru..


Wish I was here #50

So, this is Livingstone from Tamilnadu, India. This is my fiftieth post(#50). Yahoo!! It's all about me. I made a post on self analysis(#29). That is I made a self analysis. Yes now I am proud of my post. I am doing my B.Tech in TCE,Madurai. I am half the way to success. That is... Continue Reading →

Sir.. I am here! #41

​ It was late at night. And it was raining heavily outside.. “tok...tok…” Someone knocked the door. He opened the door. “Sir. Will you please push that with me.??” “Get lost f**** !” He closed the door and went into his room. His wife asked what’s the matter?   He explained “Drunken bitch asked me... Continue Reading →

On the Edge

My first participation in the Weekly photo challenge on the topic: Edge..first move to express words through pictures

Life Distinguished

Life is distinguished. If you met with an experience and if you try to learn from that, you can never until you know who you are. Just meditate whom you are actually. Its all about meditation.

Confusion Independence

It's up to India and Indian Government. I don't know why we still celebrate our Independence day as August 15 as we already got the independence a day ago.

Voice of Beggars

Have you ever thought of the Beggars in the street. You may have thought, some give them money, food. Have you ever tried to live their life??

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