The 5k Run


5k run –

Yes at last, it has been a very great experience in the 5k run. And I have uploaded my pictures here in this post. I started my 1 hour run at a little bit outer area from the living place.

 It was so amazing that all the one hour I spent all alone, but there were many people running and walking around me. To be noted, I saw only old age people and those in my father’s age around me. It seemed so weird hearing my father’s reply when I told him that I was about  to run for 1 hour continuously. “Are you so fat to burn your fat by running??” It revealed it could be the parental thought for what forces us not to exercise daily as we already seem to be healthy to the naked eyes of who think it is unnecessary to exercise.
Also in the run, I saw many things like I saw a temple which was situated under a tree. It was made a temple to worship Hindu gods by placing the photographs of them and a statue under the tree.

Also I saw a cannel through which water is supplied to the agri lands nearby. It wasn’t full of water. It was dry. It showed annual rainfall failed which correspondingly made agriculture to fail. After these sad clouds  thoughts, I came to understand why agriculture is important and why we Need to support agriculture.

I want to thank WordPress for such a beautiful concept and a creative way to create awareness among the teen-ager- future of India.



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  1. My college english class assignment was to participate in this experience. We were also required to comment on multiple posts about other people’s experiences. I just wanted to say I enjoyed reading about your encounter with the 5k. I also loved your photography. Have a great day!

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