Voice of Beggars



” There are beings to watch us, cross by and a few eyes to help us…who won’t be lost from our memories, as memories last about one hour even after our death…WE are also a part of the economy…depending on us…whereas we depend on you…WE proudly say God lives in the smile of the poor…help us…there are many films, documentaries on us…WE aren’t strangers…but the kith and kin of your ancestors…OUR cries go unnoticed, left behind like the chocolate wrappers you throw off…that smiles as our desserts which are tasted by us by licking..please feed us..

There are people still starring at us and even posing to their selfies…

WE don’t blame you…but please look us…WE are not  born…we have been made… “ஏழையாகப் பிறந்தது உன் தவறல்ல…ஏழை யாக இறந்தால் தான் உன் தவறு”.”

-As a voice of beggars

All over the context, you can see three dots…it is their only request …help them…feed them…uplift them…


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