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Review by: Lesley

Book Title: Who Will Cry When You Die 

Author: Robin Sharma

                Before getting into the book, we must have a look at its author Robin Sharma. Resigning his career as a Lawyer, self publishing his first self development book, he has now grown up as a leading public speaker motivating everyone in this world to become a leader at any role. To be noted, he is a Canadian writer and you won’t feel that (If you are an Indian, you will definitely read it as of a book by an Indian writer), the book will be so simple and easy to read. 

                 I have already read the self development books of Dale Carnegie and some novels. So I had a great expectation towards Who Will Cry When You Die. If you wonder at its title and want to give a read, you will be disappointed, because it is a self Development book and nothing will be relevant to what you are searching in the book regarding the title. 

                 A total of around 220 pages with 101 short chapters (each within two-three pages), if you have previously read only novels and literature, then only after crossing half the book, you will realize that this book is one such gem. Drawbacks or things that distract us from connecting to this book or things that disturbs our book experience is that the author will be giving certain examples of his own, examples that seems like not generalised and not having a wider perspective. For example, the author himself repeatedly mentions certain authors, quotes, sayings, mentioning certain great and famous people (all his own favourites) over time, which disturbs us from getting connected with the book. A reader reads a book for the only reason – a pleasure full book reading experience, then only for knowledge and other stuff. Only after crossing some 100 pages, you will start getting that actual experience and that’s how I felt reading this book. 

               If you seem like quitting this book in the middle, just read the book for name sake, because it takes its own time for you to get engaged with this book.

Through 101 short chapters, Robin Sharma is insisting us to schedule things and to keep track of the schedule. He tells us to schedule time to love our beloved ones, friends, family, to enjoy nature, to do what we love to do, to spend time alone, and to read more and everything. Scheduling things, passion, your self, discipline is all Robin Sharma focuses on in this book. 


The important chapter is the 99th chapter- “Love Your Work”. The reason why this chapter has been kept last is that it takes the whole previous chapters to change our minds to realize what is taught in the 99th chapter. It tells us to love whatever we do. Even if it is your work assigned to you on behalf of others, you have to do it with passion.

        This book not only gives you a good reading experience, but also starts having its influence in your life, changing your lifestyle. Another important goodness of this book is at the end of the book, you will feel like time is precious and we must make use of it. Before reading this book, if you are wasting time in unwanted things, it lets you focus on what you want, lets you think about what actually desires you, makes you think about your purpose in this life and at last it forces you to think about yourself and spend time for yourself by focusing you on activities that actually fascinates you. And if you think nothing actually fascinates you and all you have been doing all these days simply sitting and chatting with your friends, this book narrows your views and gets the best out of you. It teaches you to play with whatever you are doing, teach you the passion that you shall experience in your work, in your studies.

By the end, you will realize this book insists you not to bother about who will cry when you die. But it tells you to be happier more and more before your death, so you can die any time with much happiness.

Ending here,


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