India is a Chaotic Nation|MyChronicles007

Condemning Abdul kalam for his acts continues in MyChronicles007 and India is a chaotic Nation..!!


India Needs Literate Rulers !?

Discussing whether India really needs Literate and well educated rulers or not- Condemning APJ continues

Now It’s Time For Yogi #96

           ​Politics is everywhere around one, especially with Indians. Politics is also a major thing why Indians struggle to succeed in mostly everything. And the place of Authority or power is the place where it enroots, becomes strong, grows, and evolves into a great power and one day it starts controlling... Continue Reading →

It is India! #62

 Yes it happens only in India.  State Bank of India has announced write off for all the loans of Vijay Mallaiya- Owner of King Fisher Airlines. It’s..

What’s hot in India #61

  On November 8, 2016 Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced that 500 and 1000 rupees are no more valid and people can exchange their money in the ATMs that night and also he..

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