Life Distinguished


   The one and only thing, my all time mind occupier, it is the question “what is love?”.

To answer this, you must be clear with the question, “what is life?”. Thoughts about your life in this world alone can give you a clear view of love.
If we think about Life, we surely think about whom would be with us as our soulmate. If we start thinking about choosing our soulmate, then we do prefer to choose the one which suits us or we do pray God to give us the best. To choose whom suits us, we need to know whom we are, how we are, what kind of person we are.

There comes the ultimate question:

“How to know myself???”…

The solution how I knew myself is by meditation. I do meditate. But, meditation is not the condition sitting in the floor, spelling a mantra. It is not our fault believing meditation has to be undertaken in such a state. It has been a long established thought. Meditation is something different.

It is the practice of getting the answers for our problems, our questions, our thoughts etc.,.

We can meditate by different ways in relation to sky. It is believed that when we are open to the sky, all the solutions for our problems will be attained by ourselves. That is all solutions are within us. Sky, the open universe can let us pick up the answers from our DNA, that is, it lets us to  pick up the thoughts of our ancestors related to what is in our mind from our DNA, which leads us to a different field, Genetic Engineering which focuses on controlling our DNA.

That is how the great ancient TAMIL poet “Avvaiyar” used to get the knowledge about the presence of atoms. She said:

“அணுவைத் துளைத்து ஏழ்கடலை புகட்டி “.

You may have many doubts, questions regarding this. All I request you is to do what I mentioned above. If you think, you can meditate, as both are the same!!!




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