Sir.. I am here! #41

It was late at night. And it was raining heavily outside..


Someone knocked the door.

He opened the door.

“Sir. Will you please push that with me.??”

“Get lost f**** !”

He closed the door and went into his room. His wife asked what’s the matter?  

He explained “Drunken bitch asked me to push his car. Bull shit.”

His wife said “ My beloved. Remember those four strangers. They helped us even in the rain. See God has given us a chance to help others. Go help him.”

Her Husband with no refusal words put his shoes and went out with an umbrella. It was obscure outside.

“Sir.  Are you there? Still you need help?”

“Yes sir. Come here.”


“Here.. In the Swing. Please push me…”

Drunken Atrocities…..



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