World outside Windows*

* Reference to Windows OS as well as the     normal window.

I’m doing my B.Tech (I.T)., in Thiagarajar College of Engineering (TCE), ranked 29th in India. I go to my college through the Govt. bus.We don’t have our college bus. I encourage it because we are future engineers, the future of India. We are about to serve for the Society. For that we need to engage with them, know ab them. Travelling through Govt. bus we communicate with various community people- school students, college students, arts students, working community, the family members going for a marriage or a function. It is a golden opportunity to interact with them.

   But are we utilising these things??

No for sure. I could see my fellow classmates, my seniors and fellow bus mates having their smart phone with them or they insert a earphone in their ears and be seen nodding their heads until they reach the destination with so high on their heads with a mental status-“Unplugged”. They even listen to travel songs like “Chennai Express” or “Hum Jo Chalne Lage” or “Patakha Guddi”. 

This shows how ‘efficiently‘ we learn engineering. We never again get these opportunities back. After graduation some go for higher studies, some go work for the corporates. Cam you get back these nodes to interact with the Society?

Think of it.!!

We engineers can be successful only if we understand completely what the Society around is.Only if we know our society, we can understand their problems, can find a solution for it. As much as possible, interact with the Society.

So come out, look out of the Windows*. There is a new world outside both the Windows*.

All the very best.




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