Why “Madhorubagan” is so special? #78

​Hi Guys and Gals, this is Lesley back again with a new post.

I am about to introduce you a Novelist, “Perumal Murugan”, novelist, author, writer, poet and so on. One of his masterpieces, “Madhorubagan (“One Part Woman” in English)”, made him worldwide. 

So, I am going to cover three topics here in this post:

1. Why “Madhorubagan” novel is so special?

2. Why “Perumal Murugan” is an inspiration?

3. Why I call it a “Confused Society”?

1.  Why “Madhorubagan” novel is so special?

Madhorubagan” is a novel that sketches a female character “Ponnayee”, who has no children for 12 years since her marriage. In their village, there had been a practice that men devote themselves to the temple to help women get “blessed” with children. It is a common practice there, to get blessed with children. The character “Ponnayee” also decides to go with the above practice.

The practice was non-existence now. But it was true, there had been a practice and it was documented too. “Madhorubagan” is special for coming up with non-existent culture playing a major role in the story. Many don’t know about the culture. Even you and me. I think it is the first novel to make a story with a non-existent practice in the story.

2. Why “Perumal Murugan” is an inspiration?

Perumal Murugan”, author of “Madhorubagan” should have been celebrated for such a fine work and his research works with the non-existent practice. What happened?

The Hindu Society as a whole stood against Perumal Murugan. They knocked on the doors of High Court and Supreme Court for “Justice”. But “Ironically” the judgment favoured Perumal Murugan. 

It Stated: “It is the right of a reader to choose what to read and what not to read”.

Perumal Murugan, even after getting favourable judgment declared, “ ‘Author’ Perumal Murugan is Dead”. 

But now he has come back with two new works of his own style after years. Yes he is an inspiration. He fought for Justice, got a favourable judgment and then only announced the author in him died. He never gave up his struggle to release his book. He remained silent till the judgment. That is what made him the special and an inspiration. 

3.  Why I call it a “Confused Society”?

We need to provide the space to the writers to come up with the atmost beauty of their works. But India fails. Even none came forward to publish “Gujarat Files” by Rana Ayub. This is not the scenario of a particular region. It is the exact sketch of the whole India. 

I like to say something as a end card:  

“Devotee of Rama must build a kingdom like the Kingdom of Rama-creating peace. But he is saying he builds a Temple for Rama..!!!”

Applauses to the Great PM. Hats off..!!

Sorry for such a long post..!




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