She Helped Me..Yes, She Did #117

    ​I was inspired by an US citizen I met in a museum in my city. This is what the post is about.


Those ‘Social People’ #105

This post is about the person-the social person whom I met, who made me to think of those social people. 

Now It’s Time For Yogi #96

           ​Politics is everywhere around one, especially with Indians. Politics is also a major thing why Indians struggle to succeed in mostly everything. And the place of Authority or power is the place where it enroots, becomes strong, grows, and evolves into a great power and one day it starts controlling... Continue Reading →

Ways To Use Social Media Productive #95

​Ways To Use Social Media Productive:                      We all are so curious to make money online, use it in a productive way, especially from the social media websites. Now everyone’s attention is towards Facebook and YouTube, as because they are so easy to use, everyone knows... Continue Reading →

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