The Love Unexpressed #129

You might have seen people who love a girl so much inside their hearts but fails to express it


Everything Changed Except..#119

He knows the past…And everything..!! There He stood, up above the clouds and mountains, Many are staring at him. They too. They had seen Him before together. Staring at Him, staring at each other, caring each other, sharing each other.. He reminds them their memories. Still they are staring at Him, but at different places.... Continue Reading →

My GrandPa’s Funny Story #118

     My grandpa Mr. Gladstone is with us now. And he is nearly 80 years old, still being active and alive, remembering our (grandson’s) birthdays and wishing us correctly. We all love his company because he speaks very humorous, making jokes and even sometimes more philosophical.       Before coming to our house, he... Continue Reading →

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