Having Crush On Senior Girls #135

Having crush on your senior girls in college or high school?

Then say me a Hi in the comments section.

Usually elder ones in the college or high school seem to be more beautiful and attractive than your age girls or classmates and there are certainly many reasons why they attract you. Above these reasons, there is something called a vibration which is prefixed with you when you are born that whoever has that vibration makes you go crazy for them.

The vibration could be anything; skin tone, the smile, the dressing manner, the way of walking, the way moving the hands around while talking, the gestures they make or even nothing. When there is no reason why they attract you, better you go off from them, because there are chances for you to go addicted for them. If you are unsure why they attract you, it also means that you are not in the actual platform to even interpret what makes them more attractive.

For me, the case applies with skin tone and maturity. I don’t know as because I don’t have that maturity or over matured, the maturity of senior girls attracts more than anything that is high with them. As because all my family members, kith and kin are somewhat fair, I never wish to sigh fair skin toned girls; they don’t actually attract.

Craziness over senior girls is like an addiction. If you take it to the next level like chatting with them over phone, then you are far away from the chances of getting away, because you tend to feel comfortable around them. When you convey something (like they look so pretty in that dress or like the smile so beautiful), it reaches them in the same way you conveyed. That is the essence of a relationship which most relationships don’t embrace. They understand things quicker and they react to things in a smoother way. There will not be any implicit barriers restricting you from sharing something which holds your relationship with them firmly. That’s it.

I had no intention personally to make this blog. I made this only to remember the current mental status after years, as I hope one day, I will read these blogs lying in an easy-chair window side in my home, recollecting the memories, tasting my life.

Life is not what something that you see after a journey; it’s the journey. So make memories recorded somewhere.





2 thoughts on “Having Crush On Senior Girls #135

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  1. Who has never fallen in love with an “older” schoolmate or his / her teacher? I do 😉 The attraction is more often about maturity, but at boys more than at girls, because they are quicker sexually ripe than boys 🙂

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