Morality Or Majority #134

Hi Guys this is Lesley from MyChronicles007.

      You could have seen people talking about the good and the bad, teaching children the good and the bad. Yes, this world has been dealing  with or constantly engaging with or almost all of the world revolves around the concept of morality, whether it is good or bad, whether it is right or wrong, whether it is legal or not, whether it is crime or no crime and such similar foolishness.


 Where it all started, who created with morality, where it evolved from, why everyone is so concerned about morality, why religions are teaching the morality. To be noted, the answer is always within the question. Those dealing with the morality are the ones who created it- the Humans. They don’t even know that they are safeguarding the concept of morality and taking it to the next generation without their knowledge. 

   There is nothing termed morality-good or bad. Those are the perspectives of thinking of individuals, who contribute to the majority of the either side, good or bad. Only those who understand the perspective of thinking deeper can understand the foolishness with the concept of morality. 

For example, 

Smoking and drinking is considered a bad act somewhere in a corner of the world and it is a normal act to drink and smoke in public in some other corner of the world. If something is good somewhere, it is bad somewhere else and vice versa. 

Weed has more benefits; it can make you stay concentrated over a particular thing, especially during your examinations. I have heard people saying that weed has helped them to score marks. But still weed is prohibited in many countries and has been accepted by those who don’t actually use it. 

People majority have a thought that drinking and consuming alcohol is bad. But still there are people who present alcohol as offerings to God. Yes, they do exist. 

  As you all know Mahatma Gandhi, the father of Indian Nation, was assassinated by Naturam Godse. Some portray Gandhi good and there are people who dislike Gandhi. They arrested Godse for the crime of assassination of a leader and there are people around you who are ready to build statues and temples for Godse. 

The World itself is confusion, why not India be incredible?

Where is morality?

Certain examples can clearly picture you the “behind scenes” of morality.  

Consider the case of someone being executed to death for a crime. Whether it is UK or US or India Or China, there is assured opposition from the side of Human Rights Commission. The government sketches it a good thing- preventive action. Human Rights Commission, on the other side, contradicts. You can never understand morality if you start expressing your views in this lane, supporting either of the two. You have to go deeper to understand this. 

Here, execution to death is the matter of subject. Before getting into this, try to answer the “why”. “Why to execute someone?”

Because he/she has encountered a crime, so they are subjected to execution. This will be the justification from the side of government. But what is the criteria under which they framed the list of crime and crime related activities?  This solves every confusion with morality. Morality is all concerned with the perspective of thinking of an individual and there is no such thing like universal morality. How can one categorize some a crime and some no crime? This is where you should actually express your views. Only when you see this world through the one who encountered the crime and subjected to death, you can understand the morality and obviously you can understand the world and it teaches you deeper the perspectives of thinking. 

Only when you understand them, you tend to understand the foolishness with morality. 

Thank You.

I have tried something new and have expressed my views on it, dying for opinions. If you are reading this line, please express your views in the comment section. 




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