One Year Anniversary #133

Hi, this is Lesley from MyChronicles007

Yesterday is the day one year before MyChronicles007 was born. I had no specific intention in creating a WordPress blog. I like to write, express my thoughts, develop my writing skills, enriching my vocabulary. So I started MyChronicles007. Initially I was blogging about Love and my thoughts over Love. Then I slowly started to blog about whatever that meant to me. Then, after someday, I thought to move towards the social issues and politics around us. Whenever I have no general topics to blog, I move towards the politics. Usually I plan to blog daily because I want to stay alive with WordPress, cause it shouldn’t end up. Amidst all my works I spend some time thinking the topics, noting them down, framing the content. 

         Blogging is not about getting likes or something like that- a social recognition of your blog posts. I don’t have more followers. I don’t follow all those who follow me. If someone follows me, if I like reading their posts, I follow them. 

I know at some point I failed to posts anything, slowly I stopped blogging. And after some point I realized that MyChronicles007 was over. Then again I started refreshingly. I started to blog topics daily. Now I have restricted myself only to blog certain topics as I thought that I am focusing more on the traffic I receive. At first, I blogged daily only to get the traffic constantly. I have to change myself. 

` This is the more or less successful journey of MyChronicles007. At the initial stages of blogging, I have seen people starting to blog and then suddenly vanishing over night. It’s not about the hikes, it’s about stability in blogging. So I request new bloggers to posts constantly or be active with wordpress, read others posts whenever you get time, comment on it, actually you can get new friends. And above all, stay alive. This not only suits to those who blog. It is a common criteria for everyone who tend to succeed. 




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  1. It’s a good advice and I totally agree with you. Just follow someone if you are really interested and occasionally write a message, which is highly appreciated. I’m not a writer and on my blogs only a lot of pictures are presented with some information or short story. Many bloggers come only passed by and click to follow because they want you to follow them back, after that you’ll don’t see them anymore, and I don’t like this so much. I think you will also understand me for what I read here! If you really are interested in my blog I’ll come back to yours and will follow you on your Journey… I wish you lot of inspiring happenings and the need to go on with life… Again, congrats with your anniversary on wordpress!

    Best regards, Heidi

    P.S. If you do not find my links to my post, please let me know (at least if you return).

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    1. Sure Miss Heidi..😊😊..It’s not about followers count or likes..I blog only to enhance my skills and to learn things from others and to have a friendly relationship with friends abroad..I got many friends..miss Emma, Jessica, Puneet Kumar..shubam Paul and more..


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