Tell Her You Love Her #132

     ​The most painful moment is losing the person you loved the most in front of you, seeing her moving ahead with someone else. And the most painful thing is failing to express the love or failing to tell her that you love her. It is not advisable to taste the pain of being separated even though there is much love over someone. Love is not an ordinary flower that blooms all day, all time with everyone you met.

The Fear:

There will be many reasons for a person to resist himself from not letting the other know that he loves her. It might be inferiority complex, it might be fear, might be an insecurity of losing the other. 

There are also people who resist not to tell her that he love her because of confusion or of uncertainty. There are people who are uncertain with the feel they have; they don’t know that it is certainly love and not just an attraction over the opposite sex. This greatly resists them. 

You may realize that it is love and not just attraction after a long time or after sometime. But the time would have changed things and the environment a lot, that it might not be favorable to you. She may be in a relationship with someone else, she might have changed more, being in a state to reject your love for no cause.

The above are all experienced by different people at different situations. If your heart is fascinated with a girl and if you have confusion whether it is love or lust, go talk to her, for at least one minute, ask for a help, or even ask her what is the time. Your heart clearly gives you a sketch about the feel. 

If it is love, express it; tell her that you love her, no matter what the consequences are. All you need is to let her know that you love her. Love and relationships aren’t about getting the love from the other, but about expressing it, letting the other feel that someone is there to care about. All the best. 

Wished from a failure..!




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  1. At the meaning of Being in love and love is there all too often confusion! Being in love usually makes the appeal, love, on the other hand, is a dedication to someone unconditionally and forever. It usually begins with in love, but by spending time with each other, feelings will determine whether it’s love or attraction! It’s not because it went wrong with a first love that you’re a failure! Don’t think so, you’re not. If you want to feel and give love, don’t look for it, love will come to you, but don’t give up, open yourself to receive love!
    Best regards, Heidi

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