Until You Race #131

Have you ever felt that you have not found out the reason for your birth or if you feel like that there is no dream for you to pursue or anything to achieve in this life, then your life race has not started yet. Let not to worry about that. In this period, don’t rush up your mind towards something because of any ‘explicit’ compulsion or because that you have to be a part of something.

Here, you will have no special fond towards your Sundays and Saturdays. They move as like all days in a week. There won’t be any day-specific work for you to do on those Saturdays and Sundays until your race begins.

Once you feel like your time is short and drowning deep into the ocean of failure period, make yourself free from everything. Feel the pleasant air around you, listen to what others are doing, but never compare theirs with yours. Read about what is happening around you, your college campus or your working place. Talk to those who are working or having work 24*7, whom you think will be successful one day or those who has started their race already. Doing these things make you feel you are wasting your time, you have not yet entered into your path and fears you of your future. Your race begins at the moment when you realize that your time is short and you start to worry you have spent the time useless.

  You have entered into your path.


Even after that realization, do not think that things happen accordingly and move you along the path. Remember that it has just opened your eyes and has given you a vision. You have to walk or run. It’s your decision. The path is in front of you.

I had been simply attending my lectures in the college, having fun with friends and all. Now I fear of my time. Whenever I spend my time useless, I feel so worried that it shows I have already in my path and I still need to confirm whether I started walking or running along my path. Now I have a fear that threatens me always, and keep me awake even until 2 ‘o’ clock, where I see my parents sleeping and my eyes focusing white sheets and a white screen, everything around me being dark.

“Wolves don’t perform in the circus.”

“Mid night is the time where successful people wake up or go to bed.”

These quotes keep the flame of motivation inside my eyes burning always, leading me constantly in my path.




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