The Love Unexpressed #129

You might have seen people who love a girl so much inside their hearts but fails to express it or to show the love to them, failing to tell the other that he/she is in love with you. Here is such a story: 

One such person, a very close friend to me, loved a girl so deeply in his heart but failed to express it to her. He met her on the first day of college, both being in the same class. He was not sure whether it is love or just an attraction towards the opposite pole. But somewhat he noticed that his feelings and emotions got triggered when spending time with her. They both became friends, used to chat with, but only as friends. Each other knows that the other is not in love with them. They each had this question in mind and also she clarified her doubts directly asking “Are you in love with me?” and probably denial was the reply from his side. Even her friends doubted him. He denied. Even at that time, he doubted it could be love. But with no reason he refused to show the love on her. But somewhere in the corners of his heart, the love still bloomed.

Her birthday came. He confirmed her birthday asking her directly through phone; one of the very few phone call conversations they had. He gifted her with a beautiful watch along with a tiny glass bottle with a poem describing his relationship with her. I was there with him at the time of packing it. He gifted it to her without letting others knowing it. She thanked him appreciating the gift presented.


One year completed. Now it was her birthday. There had been no conversations between them. He wished her via WhatsApp. She replied. The conversation ended. But the flower of love started blooming around all the corners of his heart, finally occupying his whole heart.  Now all his thoughts were circling around her, forcing his fingers to text her.


It’s too late. She is in relationship with some other person- being happy. Still the love over her is alive blooming all time even after knowing her relationship status, wishing her to be happy.

“My heart is a very close friend to me.”


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11 thoughts on “The Love Unexpressed #129

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  1. Hi again Lesley, Oh I thought I wrote my name 😉
    I’ve read your red line 🙂 But I would like to advise you, be critical and thoughtful with whom you share your dear friend (read: heart)!
    Sincerely, HEIDI 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. No miss…there are actually a few to share..but sometimes remaining silent is more pleasant.. sometimes problems do arise only because of our surroundings..😉 I remained silent..😊😊


  2. Hi miss (I don’t know your name 😊)..Sorry for not expressing my opinion over comments…next time I will comment for sure..
    Regarding this post..I think you forgot to read the last red lines..
    Hope this Comments section opens up a new friendship..😊😊

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  3. Hi Lesley, first of all, I would like to thank you for visiting, to like and following my blog! I would like to appreciate it if you posted a comment on my blog, but you didn’t. Maybe next time if you’ll ever come back!?
    This is a sad but recognizable story. I hope your friend will find a new love and be happy might as well as that girl! Thank you for sharing with us! And congrats with your one year anniversary on wordpress!
    Best regards, Heidi

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi miss( don’t know your name 😊)..will surely express my views on your posts over comments next time..
      Regarding this post..I think you forgot to read the last red lines..😊
      Hope this opens up a new friendship..
      Thank You miss.😊

      Liked by 1 person

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