I Don’t Know #128

As GST has been implemented and there is 28% tax for movie tickets, ticket price has been raised up to 153 rupees high. I am very much pleased towards theatres and surely I will have a home theatre in my dream house. But now, am not a rich and am not standing on my own. So I devise my plans accordingly. For every month I choose a movie, plan accordingly and watch it. I save money for that throughout the month and spend it on that day. There are situations where two must watch movies being released on the same month. And I have to choose one.

That’s how I choose to watch movies. And I enjoy certain parts of a movie. So here it is Shinjuku Incident.

shinjuku incident

Shinjuku Incident is a Jackie Chan movie where Jackie comes to Japan as a Chinese refugee in order to find his girlfriend, where Jackie gets depressed when he accidentally gets to see his Girl Friend as a wife of another person.

Here, when Jackie accidentally sees her with her husband, he becomes heavily depressed, losing his character. After that, he decides to party with the hookers and have sex and come out of the depression. Then he decides to become a legal citizen there and moves forward. And after that he never has any party with the hookers- he gets a new girlfriend true to her.


This particular part of the movie could teach us many lessons. We can easily come out of depression, move forward with an accelerated force, and achieve many things in our life. I don’t know whether I presented in words all that I wanted to express in this post. I don’t know whether what to title this post. “I Don’t Know..!!”

Here is a link to my previous post- Changing the perspective of Thinking #127




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