Changing the perspective of Thinking #127

My Father told me this motivational story about bricks, reminding me everything in this world is there for a reason contributing to your life survival.


“While constructing a new house or new mansion or a new church or a new office building, the bricks will be collected as whole and kept in a corner place as a heap or a block. Those bricks that are in the top of the block/heap of bricks will be used to form the basement or walls or the pillars or other interior works. Only those bricks under the heap/block of bricks will be used to form the top or the tower of a building. Only those bricks with a race in their minds whether they will be used for construction or be thrown as waste alone will succeed. Only those with the persistent fire and courage in their minds can succeed in this life survival.”

The Lesson here is PATIENCE. You have to be patient to succeed in the path you have chosen. Being patient doesn’t mean that you are losing continuously or you are failing all the time. It is that you are strengthening yourself towards the hardships, how to be persistent towards achieving something amidst failures and struggles. Patience and persistence can take you to heights you couldn’t have imagined. It is all about patience and persistence. When you are in a persistent stage, analyse everything around you. Analyse what you are doing. Change your attitude or perspective of thinking that the frequency of Whatsapp stories should tell you why Snapchat succeeded.




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