Help Me Choosing My Books #126

   As I stated earlier in my blog posts, I am still struggling to choose books and authors. And I am glad that it’s good struggling to choose books, as more choosy you are, the more you shape yourself. 

Two things to shape you are:

1. Exercise

2. Reading

And you can never see a successful person who doesn’t read or doesn’t exercise regularly.  That is why focus more on reading books.

So far I have read the books of D.H. Lawrence, Spencer Johnson, R.K. Narayanan, Paulo Coelho and my favorite Tamil author “Perumal Murugan”. Without any knowledge, I had had some worldwide bestselling books in my home. One day, without any other option, I chose those books to read and my sister is one such reason to take the books into reading.

Such books include:

Who Moved My Cheese

How to win friends and influence                  people

Malgudi Days

The Alchemist

These books introduced me a world ahead of my thoughts. And after these books, I chose to read books from tamil literature. So at that time, “Madhorubagan” a tamil novel which got translated in English under the name- “One Part Woman” was under struggles to get released as the Hindu associations considered it contains some content against Hinduism. That’s how I got to know about Perumal Murugan. Now I bought one of his books- “YeruVeyil”, which is his first book. And I also bought “Brida” by Paulo Coelho as I had already read “The Alchemist” and completed reading Brida.

 So now I am empty. I have no wish list of books. I request you all to recommend me some books and your favourite authors and help me grow more in the world of books. 




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