War For The Planet Of The Apes #125

           I just watched the amazing movie “War for the Planet of the Apes”. It was an interesting as well as a well scripted, well directed and something that can be set an example for perfect direction.

Things You Can Say Wow At:

Apes speak to other apes in their own language. Even though it’s a movie and the audience have to experience the movie, they didn’t made the apes being conversing in English. And they talk in English only to humans (those who don’t know their language). This is something all Indians should learn. We are still underestimating our mother tongue.

Apes have beautiful families, they hug each other, share their love towards the other, live as a whole, not as small individual families.

Apes fight and battle only to protect their families and they don’t even have the intention to kill humans to show their power. There will be a situation where they meet a lonely soldier. Apes stand still looking at the soldier and kill him only when he takes up his gun. This is enough to characterize the attitude of apes battling.

Apes are more humane as like kids. One such ape takes a small girl away in order to prevent her from seeing a man dying. Apes love the kid and in turn the kid shows her love when needed. It symbolizes that humanity always blooms with kids and slowly it’s been thrown off in order to survive in this world.

Apes love the humankind. No matter what the situation is. They are still ready to sacrifice their life to save a kid’s life. This pictures how animal the humans are and at the same time how humane the animals (apes) are.

The End:

In this movie, at the climax, all the humankind has to be destroyed but the apes had to survive- this is the situation. And surely you have to appreciate the director for the way he chose to accomplish that scene.

And an important thing is that a dream keeps the king ape alive in his battle. This resembles our inner strength that must be quite enough to keep us stay alive in the battle.

War for the planet of the apes is a must watch movie. So don’t miss it. Watch it and have a great experience.



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