Indians Are Developing #124

India is developing. Yes I am right.

                    Tastes and foci of Indians are changing a bit and focusing more on those that were not even in the newspapers.

You can see people celebrating women cricketers and everyone updating their statuses regarding the centuries and victories made by our India Women Cricket team. It is something appreciable. Newspapers are slowly reporting about the latest news about women cricketers. They are slowly coming under the spot light. Whether it is because of the disappointment over men’s cricket or because of the performance of women in sports, but the spot light towards something over rated (Women’s cricket is something actually to be over rated, but ironically it’s been under rated) is to be encouraged.

            There are many instances that shows how far people had under rated the resources and talents of young India. IndianKabbadi team had waited in the railway station with the champions trophy with no one even daring to have a picture with them as they don’t even know whom these guys are, with the trophy.

            Still there are many kids who don’t even know who is the captain of our Indian hockey team. But still hockey is our national game.

There are many Tendulkars and Kapil Devs still being present in the grounds with their hockey sticks with a passion and a dream that one day the world will be awaiting their biopic films and documentaries. The thing we need is a change in our perception of how we see the world around us. We are ready to watch Chak De India. But still not mentally ready to appreciate those real Shah rukh khans standing in front of us.

Only thing is the change and India is changing. Hope a better India is ahead of us.




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