The Moment Realising The Importance Of Weekends #123

   I have been somewhere in my life where I am slowly starting to realize that my weekend is more important than my relationship issues or my girlfriend (if any). I have heard people longing for weekend and simply enjoying it. But for me, all the days are same and I do the same all the day-wasting time.

            But suddenly, I started feeling more excited when it is Friday and all my celebrations will begin from Friday itself. I know it’s because of the stress and the work load I had and having now. Imagine how far the stress has forced me to long for my weekend.

I wait and wait and then utilize my Saturdays. What all I plan first is to read the books I bought. For me, books always come first. I don’t share my books with anyone; anyone don’t even ask me, because I don’t have any book lovers around me. The next important thing is reading other posts by my WordPress friends. It takes a lot more time to read all their stuff because I have to comment my opinion over their posts; so I read everyone’s post with much care and dedication. And the remaining things are also planned but they don’t happen as planned as my friends will come and take me for playing or else my college friends would come for group study.

I don’t know when I started loving my Saturdays. All of a sudden, everything changed. I think this is the phase where my actual life survival race is being started. Whenever I get free hours in my college, I used to be free flying, playing with my friends. But now I am struggling to tell my friends that I have some work and I have to go.

           This is how the world is currently in front of me. But besides all my work I used to spend some time thinking topics to blog about. It’s all my own decision and passion to blog and without anyone’s compulsion. So I keep writing..

Writing this post, I started somewhere and have ended somewhere. It is all in the game.



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