What If You Were Born A DOG ? #121

        What if you were born a DOG?

        Have you ever thought like this before and wondered that you life would have been so smooth and fine if you were born a dog? 

         Whenever I feel like quitting up from what I chose I must complete, I have this thought to be born a dog. As I have a Labrador named Lucky, it sleeps all the time, eats all the time, goes to toilet whenever he wants, enjoys the life being in a Air conditioned room or under a fan with no responsibilities. And the most important- everyone loves it. 

       Whenever I feel like over stressed with lots of works, report submission, coding, design and development, preparing reports all alone with my fingers being under constant movement between the alphabets and the space bar., I use to think about Lucky. He will be simply sleeping near me and sometimes dreaming. 

             It will be simply eating, sleeping, dreaming, wandering, shouting and that’s all. But God has chosen you to live the life of a human which involves running, racing, struggling, fighting, stress, joy, happiness, sorrow, death, birth etc.

        When at times you feel like it’s too stressful and competitive, just go with it, and complete it with perfection and passion. Many times the reason why we think about stress and struggles is that there has been no passion to do that but compulsion. We will be thinking that everyone around us is happy and only you are still fighting, doing home works even in the holidays. 

   When you complete your work in time and feel that joy of completion after struggles, everything around seems to be meaningless when there is no struggle.

   In my team, it will be like I am the only doing most of the project works. So I will rushing here and there and complete my work with pain. After getting signature in reports and records from the faculty, I am sure I will be the one tasting the real fruit of success.

    Before having a thought that life of dogs are smoother, do think there are many stray dogs, barking for their owners and many street dogs still being hurt by stones for barking at the thieves in order to protect those who hurt them.




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