Annoying Book Shop Keepers #122

  My Experience today in a book shop made me to make this post.

   As per my professor’s advice, I went to a book shop which I never intended to visit and buy books. When I and my friend entered the shop, I was amazed to see such a large collection of books in shelves so denser and there were books of all genres, books of all authors; ultimately I was excited to have that shop in my city.

But all of a sudden, black thoughts started circling around my heart. I didn’t even move a single step. I was collapsed whether where to start from, what to choose and all.

The thing that annoyed me the most was the shop keeper’s response to us. My friend asked them whether a particular book is present or not. He, in a refusing voice, told us “NO”. He also said, “No general reading books are here”. But there is. There were loads of books in the shelves, lot more people coming and going out of the shop, but still the shop had no digital database to search whether a book is present or not.

I had met many book shop keepers like him. The purpose of a book shop is only to increase the habit of book reading among the people and to serve people with quality books and make people knowledgeable. But most of the shop keepers don’t even know whether what the author writes about, what are all the books present here. Or at least, he/she must be able to guide a person to the right shelf that might suit their taste.

The only shop in Madurai that encourages book reading is NCBHNew Century Book House, near College Collections, Town Hall Road. Whenever I go there, an aunt welcomes me and if I say I’m just there to go through the books, she, with a smiling face, encourages us to continue and also adds “Books are here only for you. You can learn from books only if you go through all the books and can make yourself understand what suits you.”

P.S: Just thought to share this, because it was completely a bad experience going to a book shop owned by those who don’t even know what a book is. 




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