Why It is Difficult To Choose Books? #120

          I buy books often after completing reading the current books. I used to buy books from some specific books shops I know in my city. And almost every time I go there, I come empty handed, buying nothing. While coming out of my house, I have many colorful expectations that to buy these sort of books, books of this genre, any one book of this author, but after entering the shop and searching for books, I get to know that I will go free handed. 

                  I am not saying that it happened for some time, it happens to me all the time. Every time..!

     But the good thing is that I have been grown up so far in the world of books. Yes I am and you too if you feel the same. If you are struggling to choose books, then you are set ready to evolve into the world of books and the lust for books. 

      So in order to avoid wasting time starring at the book shelves, I search for books what I am after and fix up my mind towards those books. Now, I straightly go inside the shop, search for the book, buy it, come home, have fun and all. The more you are choosy, the more you are preparing yourself. 

       I spoke to my English Professor Mr. Maruthupandian Sir about this. And He gave me valid advice regarding this. He told me that itโ€™s good to go books shops and come out buying nothing. The more we wander, the more we shape ourselves.

    And what I personally inferred is that to speak about books with other book mates. Even though your thoughts differ from others, they can make you thoughts clear. And there are more chances that they can tell you more about choosing books, where to buy books cheaper, what are all the authors who suit you and all. Even they might introduce you into a new world of book mates, where you can learn more.




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