My GrandPa’s Funny Story #118

     My grandpa Mr. Gladstone is with us now. And he is nearly 80 years old, still being active and alive, remembering our (grandson’s) birthdays and wishing us correctly. We all love his company because he speaks very humorous, making jokes and even sometimes more philosophical. 

     Before coming to our house, he had been in an Old age home, living together will all his 80’s mates. His wife and he got separated after 5 years of marriage life. And nearly 40 years they had not met each other, both does not know that whether the other is alive or not. 

When my grandpa was there in the home, he accidentally saw her wife there. His wife recognized him, came to him and asked “What is your name?” in a confusion whether is he my man or not as it was nearly 40 years since meeting him. But my grandpa replied..



So she went ahead thinking that he is not her man, continuing her path, considering his husband would have died years ago.

The next day, my grandpa came to our home, deciding not to go to that Old Age home anymore as it might lead him to see his wife. 

I was laughing at him after listening to this funny story. How come he suddenly tell a name other than his and confusing his wife. I don’t know why he behaved in such a way. It was all of a fun listening to his “LOVE STORY”.

If he had told his name, the story could be turned upside down or something else. But any how, it happened and I was in laughtesley


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