She Helped Me..Yes, She Did #117

      ​I was inspired by an US citizen I met in a museum in my city. This is what the post is about.

      I worked as a Research Assistant in a project with a professor in a nearby college. And our hypothesis is that social media influences the tourism growth of India. I asked them few questions related to social media like whether they post their tourism experience in social media, whether they got any information through social media. 

Their attitude, the way they responded, everything was amazing. But, more than that, the replies I got inspired me a lot. 99% of the tourists answered that they don’t use social media 24 X 7 and only very less. They told me they use it only when there is a need to connect with them. To be noted: “Only When Needed

In India, you could see people having more than 1000 friends in Facebook, updating their profile pictures often, tagging people more than who is actually present in the photo, curious towards getting likes and all. There are also people who update profile pictures only to get likes. 

It clearly shows that we have failed to use social media properly. We are extremities of all the social media. We don’t even know what social media is actually intended to. 

I saw a girl, who is from USA. I saw her in a museum. She told me that she is not a social media person and use it less often. The thing to be noted is she does not have an account in Facebook. She added that she is an artist and she came here (Madurai) to my city to take photographs and go home and make money from that. 

It is that she is enjoying her life to the core and we are still here begging for likes and running behind such useless things. 

This is what I learned from them. Now I have limited myself using Facebook and Whatsapp and spending time usefully. I have started to enjoy my college days more, listening to fascinating music, reading books and all that has a special place in my heart. So I request you also to limit yourself in using social media.




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