Why Blood Donation Matters #115

     It’s about the blood donation again, because it matters to me a lot.

I, after coming out from the blood bank, saw a small 12 year old poor girl waiting outside. She had been talking to those coming out after blood donation. When she came to me, she told that his mother was admitted there in the hospital as she had cut her nerve while chopping. So she said her mother needs blood next morning and that’s why she had been begging everyone. As I just donated blood, I was unable to help her. So I gave her a blood bank’s contact number which helps poor people meet their blood needs. And I left the place. My mind was stuck at where I met the small girl and I hardly thought about my other works as I was unable to help the girl being pathetic.

            I am sure the blood bank helped her. But somewhat I felt guilty. So that night we planned to form a group of people for blood donation and to donate blood periodically. And the thing to be noted is to donate blood not at the blood bank, but visiting directly the ward and getting information about the blood needs of the poor and helping them. Rich will any how get their needs satisfied as money has a louder voice everywhere. But, poor will stay struggling, losing the lives of their beloved ones in front of their eyes, becoming homeless, begging for money and food, hardship in the life survival and the list goes on, continuing endless.

          I am unable to support the poor financially now. But I can support them donating blood. So I am going to start and also forcing you to get started with me. Please donate blood.




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