Fun Part Of College Life #114

As I have college these days, I have to wake up earlier, get ready, catch the bus at right time, arrive at the college entrance, then walk for 15 minutes and at last have to attend classes. This continues everyday.

Then where goes the fun part..?

Fun Cheating:

Yes, I managed to have assured time to spend for fun. I and my friends used to play seven stones after the college ends. It is not that the real fun lies in playing and sporting. It actually lies in cheating them at certain concerned times, especially when cheating helps you win the game. It is not that I cheat in order to win, but for fun. Mostly we get caught when we cheat as we are no experts in cheating. 

The same thing happened on the day of Ramadan too. We all gathered at Manoj’s house. And we somehow managed to collect seven flat stones and arranged them and started playing. And here are some pictures which tell you exactly that I had been false arguing on my wicket during cricket. 

I don’t know who captured this picture. But now I thank him a lot as these add up to my sweet memories which guarantees me laughter when I see them during my old ages relaxing in the arm chair.

Funny Snaps:

And the next thing that accounts to fun is capturing the funny pictures of my friends when they have no knowledge about me taking their pictures silently. And always I will be in laughter when I send them their pictures through whatsapp and get to see their face reactions being shocked. 

Thus, my college life will be something that is worth shedding tears when leaving and more than my college life, I will surely miss you guys. 




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