How I Donate Blood #112

​Have you ever donated blood?

It’s not that we have to donate blood only when there is a need for our friends or our relatives. We can donate blood for every 6 months regularly. Recently my uncle was admitted in a hospital and he needed 2 units of blood daily. So we contacted a blood bank and got the blood. That is where I got to know about those in need of blood daily and still many are struggling to meet their blood requirements. The thing is rich people get their requirements met easily as there are many blood banks where they can pay and get blood. What about the poor?

There are only a few blood banks that give blood for free to the poor. And we must appreciate them. After seeing the daily struggles of the poor for getting the blood at the government hospital, I decided to give blood for every 6 months. And it is said it is a healthy activity as old blood will be out and new blood circulates through our body. 

What is important?

I personally request you not to go to any blood bank and donate and get paid for it. What I request you is go to government hospitals and get the information directly from the staff nurse and get to know who are all in need of blood immediately and donate your blood there. It will be more helpful for those who will be calling their relatives, friends, neighbors and colleagues for blood. 

So, donate blood, spread this message. 




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