Determination Of Muslims #111

              ​As it is the month of Ramadan for Muslims, they fast daily till evening 6:30 P.M. Like this, there are such things for other religions too that they need to follow strictly. But I have never seen people of other religions so determined towards their religion. 

I have many Muslim friends and few of them fast daily. I admire them. One such Muslim friend made me to write this post and he was the matter of subject in this post. 
         My friend usually doesn’t listen to his mother’s words. He has many friends in the street and also in the college. So he is seen always with his friends, chit-chatting with them around the corners of the street and going home late at night. When his mom calls him to come home, he never listens to them. Until they all disperse, he will be with them. 

But today…

I, my Muslim friend and a Hindu friend were travelling in bike. We stopped at a tea shop to have a break. When he noticed it was 6:30, he told us that it will be too late for the “Namaas” if he continues to be here with us. So he made alternate arrangements for us to go home and moved away as earlier as possible. I did not have a thought he will leave us till reaching home. I realized religious matters can change people a lot for the first time. 

                   After fasting, I am sure he will be as usual as he was before, going home late. But at least he has been home before 7 PM for these days. From these things, I tell myself to be so attentive and faithful to religious matters and spread the word of Jesus Christ as much as possible to others. 




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