Ebiz Atrocities #110


        Have you heard of this? Ebiz is a MLM company; that is you has to join them by initially paying some amount and you have to make others join them. For making other people joining Ebiz Corporation you will be paid some amount and it goes like a tree structure. You will also get paid for those who join Ebiz on behalf of those joined by you. 

In my college, there is a team of students who had joined this Ebiz and are working 24X7 to make other students join them so that they get paid. All those students in this Ebiz were all from middle class family and those in need of money. As they are from middle class family, they don’t have enough money to enjoy their hostel or college life. So they easily get influenced by this and after these, they struggle in making others convincing and forcing them to join Ebiz. 

Many have succeeded- buying bikes, dresses, shoes and a lot what they desired to buy. Many are still struggling as they are unable to make others join Ebiz due to their poor communication skills. 

These students in Ebiz have more than 10 arrears and they don’t care about their academic performance as their ultimate need- the money is being generated. And the other thing common among them is they don’t spend enough time with their family. They don’t even go home during their summer vacations, attending the meetings of Ebiz Corporation around the country. Their fathers are calling their son’s friends whether their sons are alive or not. 

Two groups of students approached me about this Ebiz. They don’t tell you all about Ebiz at the first itself. They speak to you gently, taking about your desires, your future plans and if they see any ‘sparks’ in your eyes, they move to the next level. They all say that we can never learn the desired money as earlier as we think and they focus more on your desires. They behave as like they are great business marketing legends- shaking hands at first, calling you respectful etc.,

Just thought it would be helpful for others also. So shared it with you.




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