WhatsApp as Notes App #109

                     Yes, we are masters in texting, especially in the messaging giant WhatsApp. We use them daily and all we concern about is the privacy- Hiding our story, Display Picture, about, status from some specific ‘EXCEPT’ persons, whether what you reply as they can see whether you read it or not. But wait. How many of you have used WhatsApp as a notes taking app? Yes you can. 

Don’t waste Time and Data installing other Notes App.

Before someday I installed a separate app for notes taking at times necessary. But it will not be as easier as they are showed. You need to save your note, categorize them, name them, and at last save your changes. I was irritated to do all these things. All I needed is something which I should open, type down, close it and view them later easily. 

WhatsApp is here, The  Legend.

         All you have to do is to create a new group with only two members- you and some other person- may be your friend or your mom, dad. After creating, remove them from the group. Now, it’s a group with only you being the participant. You can text anything, copy links, share pictures, videos. All you have to do is to type something, send them, no matter there is mobile data or not, you can take as many notes as you wish easily and quickly.

         At last, the world is not the same way to others how it is to you. It differs from each and every person. So keep thinking in every possible dimension. YouTube was started somewhere someday with no bang. Now it is here with mostly everyone creating bangs every day. 




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