Why I Share Accident Videos More #108

         Whenever I come across any accident videos in Facebook, I share them instantly so that my friends would be aware of road accidents, drive slowly and reach home safely. If it is already written that you will die on an accident, none can change it. It happens as it is. My only intention sharing accident videos is to make my friends aware of those road accidents happening around them. 

Yes, Bikes are evil.

            Recently, I saw an accident near my house. I went to a nearby shop to buy pens for me. When I was on my way back to home, within those 10 minutes of buying pens, a boy was met with an accident and was spot dead. It was said that he was returning from his school getting his school mark sheet/certificate. The spot was full of his blood from his head. I went near his body and got a little shivering and moved out of the place after knowing the reason for accident. I came home and updated my status in FB. And that evening, I came to know that the boy was junior to me in school. His friends uploaded his picture and updated sad stories in their timelines. After seeing his picture, I remembered him. I had talked to him before. But he is no more in this world. 

The Pathetic State:

As it is an accident and also he died, the body was kept in a stretcher on the road itself waiting for police. His father was crying aloud in the road, weeping and cleaning the blood in his son’s face thinking his only warrior is still alive and will look after him in his old age. He ran towards the nurse and asked her to do something to get him back. What could the nurse reply? She remained silence. The father was running here and there crying. His father is saying that he doesn’t know to drive bike properly. That’s why it happened. If he had refused to give him bike when he first asked, we could have had him alive. Now it’s too late. 

Please be careful while driving. It seems to be difficult to stop our vehicle roadside and attend the phone call. If so, then don’t attend it. Call them after your ride. Practice this. Your family is waiting for you. 

Loving, Lesley.


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