My Quotes Time Driven #107

I used to think more when I am alone and at times when things go wrong around me. I think and think and have a note of them in whatsapp. Whenever I think of the same thing again which digs out the past worse things happened to me, I used to read the quotes I made to comfort me, to prepare myself, and let me better. As I thought these quotes of mine are generalized, they are here for you:

          Times replies better, let it.

            Life is not  about its destiny or survival; it’s about the journey and the                          


     Sometimes we like others only not                              to hurt them. 

     Until knowledge remains undefined,       there’s no intelligent and no fools too. 

      Self analysis can tell more about you.                         Always opt for it. 

       Someone keep constantly replacing         your position or place. But, they can                         never replace you. 

       We are the kind of people; we speak    about Justin Beiber’s lip sing, but don’t even know the fact that Modi used Holography to meet people worldwide during the parliament election campaign.

That’s all. Thanks for reading my quotes.




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