The Pathetic State Of Him #106

​Lesley, MyChronicles007

                    I had signed a new project with Kappalur Industrialists Association, to develop them a database. Requirements gathering – Meeting with the client and getting their needs and problems is the first phase in software engineering. We a team of 4 members planned to do requirements gathering and as planned everything was okay and we all dispersed. 

When I was on my way to take my bike from the bike stand, I saw an old man in his 70’s. I had a feeling that I had seen him long before somewhere and was one of the faces that I met daily during my childhood. And as I was staring at him, he turned to me and gave an expression like “what you want?” I replied nothing and moved away. 

After few steps, I get to remember who he is. Few years back, he was running a tea shop in our area and his son was assisting him alongside. One day, there was a problem in that area, a drunkard came to the stationary shop next to his and was making some noise and fighting with the man in the stationary shop. This old man’s son showed up there and tried to separate the two fighting. On haste, the drunkard man stabbed the old man’s son. And all of a sudden, the boy fell down and went unconscious. Soon he died in front of his dad- the old man. All those around the place did nothing and all they did was staring at each others’ face. The boy died and was buried. The drunkard was imprisoned. The bad has been punished. 

How can these punishments make judgment to the actual death? Will the boy’s life be retained by imprisoning him? No…

The old man I saw was in a pathetic state. He has been in the roadside cement blocks, talking with someone, watching the vehicles crossing by, talking to his own self. All the way through his life, he will be dependent on some own. All his dreams had been destroyed. How he wanted his son to become, how he wanted to play with his grand children. All those had been destroyed in a single moment. We cannot question God why he did so, what was his plan. All we can do is to pray to God about him, to make his life happy and happy. We are not here to question God’s plan. Everything is already determined and they are in the way they are meant to be. 




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