Those ‘Social People’ #105

        Hi Guys and Gals, this is Lesley from MyChronicles007. This post is about the person-the social person whom I met, who made me to think of those social people. 

Every Sunday we go to a church near Aanaiyur. One such Sunday when I was just entering into the church, I saw a young father with his 8 months old daughter, who is also about to enter into the church, was taking selfie with the neatly dressed father’s princess. 

It is a normal thing to take selfies with the beloved, keeping it as a memory over periods. But what he spoke while taking selfies is what the matter of subject here. While taking selfies, he said, “Come on. Let’s take selfies, update profile picture-Selfie With Sweety”. It is not a normal thing to cross-by. It conveys a strong warning signal about the current world. 

We are now in a social media era. Everyone is curious towards getting likes in Facebook, focused on n number of social media sites and apps, spending their valuable time and energy worthlessly to make their social media presence a better one than others. Those in their teen hood are finding social media the only solution for Identity Crisis. There are people who share their happy moments-pictures, videos in social media to show their friends how happy they are. Also, there are people who share their sad love failure stories, sharing sad love quotes and sad images from pages like ‘Sadcasm’ and waiting for others to react to their posts and ask him what happened in their life and listen to their stories. 

Ultimately, everyone is seeking to get others’ attention and wanting to be in the center of focus in social media among his/her friends.

My parents have colorful memories about my birth. My sister still remembers that she refused to take me home and told the nurse to take me back and laughs at me. My mom and dad used to say colorful stories like behind the scenes of my birth. 

But now, dads and moms are busy posting birthday messages to their children in Facebook and crazy towards getting likes for a memory they had shared in Facebook. They are missing the actual happiness and are failing to experience how it would be to get the big picture of a memory years back. They are failing to teach the next generation how it feels to chew the memories. Having a drop of tear over the corners of eyes is the success of a memory. Hope you get what I meant. 

Create memories and more importantly learn the way to chew those memories. 




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