Thanks To God..#104

Hi Guys and Gals, this is Lesley from MyChronicles007. This post is a thanks giving post to Lord Jesus Christ. 

          Every semester, I need to enroll the subjects I like to learn that semester and there will be a heavy competition between us (students) to enroll the easiest course as only 60 seats will be allocated for each course and others have to choose any other course. 
This time, I planned to enroll ‘Industrial Safety and Environment’ as I heard my seniors saying that the paper will be easy and the faculty member handling the course will send you the question paper for examination and he will mark you present in attendance register no matter you are present or not.

I thought I am the only planning to enroll ‘ISE’ (Industrial Safety and Environment). When I had the chance to talk to my friend, he told he and his classmates are planning to enroll ‘ISE’ and I was shocked to hear that everyone had planned to enroll ‘ISE’. There started my fear of losing up in enrolling for ISE. At that time, I didn’t pray to God to give me ‘ISE’.

On the day of enrolment, I was all set up with my laptop and Moto g3, connected to Internet, logged in to the college website, ready opened with the enrolment page and was waiting for the short hand to come by 10. When the enrolment started, as everyone was rushing to enroll, the site was crashed and it was announced that enrolment will start by 3:00 PM the same day. 

Again by 3:00 PM, I was all set as I was before. All of a sudden, the enrolment started and as God’s plan, I was not unable to enter into the enrolment page and all my friends are texting in the Whatsapp class group that they started enrolling and everything is fine. But I was struggling with my laptop and asked my cousin to enroll for me and he too was unable to enroll. At last, it loaded and I was scrolling down as much as possible, searching for ‘ISA’ and was shocked to see ‘60/60’ that is the capacity for the course is over. Everything around me turned black and white. And was completely wrecked up and chose ‘Image Processing and Applications’ as I had no other choice. The same day I prayed to God about what happened during the enrolment and went to sleep. 

The next day morning, I logged in to the college website to check whether I enrolled properly or not. Everything was perfect. I thought to have a glance over other subjects whether there is a seat for me to enroll and I was excited to see 59/60 in ‘ISA’ and with no doubt I enrolled in it and made sure whether it became 60/60. This is all that happened during the enrolment. 

I have read in the Holy Bible and have listened to many preachers saying Jesus Christ can do extraordinary things and wonders in our life. If I have got the desired course on the day of enrolment, it would be normal for me. But, if I get what I wished to have after a struggle, it is extraordinary and unbelievable. Anyways, thanks to Jesus Christ and now I have tasted him. Spread the love of God to everyone. 




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