Lucky’s Crazy Love Towards Mom #103

     This is all about Lucky’s love towards my mom. 

                  I have a male fawn colored male Labrador. His name is Lucky. It seems to be active all the time and hyper active when around my mom. In some houses, either father will be dog lover or mother will be a dog lover. But in my house, everyone is a dog lover- me, my sister, mom, dad, grandma and everyone. As because I and my sister were grownups, my sister is working, and I am a college student, Lucky filled the space of a naughty child in an empty house. As we don’t have children, things will be kept in place and neat. Lucky used to give work for my mom and grandma, destroying all the things, spreading water over the floor, walking here and there like a boss. 

The reason why Lucky loves mom more than others is she gives him all the freedom, wander all over the home, go inside the kitchen, go sleep under the bed, everything. Dad doesn’t want Lucky to be wandering around kitchen and bed room. So when he is in Home, Lucky seem to be Nerd. When he is away, Lucky turns out Naughty

The hardest thing that lucky can’t bear is Mom’s sleep. He wants to be around my mom always, want to accompany her all the time. Everyone in the family go to bed by 10:30. I have a habit of listening to songs over earphones in the terrace and walking for a while. So I go to bed by around 12 PM. Meanwhile, the door will be closed and I will be in the terrace. As I am asleep, walking in the night, what Lucky thinks is mom is still asleep and had just closed the door. As lucky will also be there in the terrace with me, I notice what he is doing. Whenever there is a pin drop noise, he goes down to the door and sees whether anyone is coming outside. As it is an energy consuming work, running down all the time when there is a noise, he made out a master plan in his mind. Now he used to sit near the staircase in the terrace, facing towards the door. So that there is no need to go down to see what is happening as he cans surveil right from the terrace. I after Lucky’s change in his sleeping place got to understand this and I was in laughter in those lonely nights. 

If there is any noise, he just raises his head, checks and then again sleep. 

Here are some pictures of Lucky waiting for mom to open the door and let him in. 

That’s all..!!



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