Lesson For My Son #102

Hi Gals and Guys, this is Lesley from MyChronicles007

           There are many lessons to teach my daughter/son. But there is a beautiful lesson that teaches everything required for one in her/his whole life. So, let me tell you how I learned that lesson.

          I learn many valuable lessons from ‘those’ friends and relatives. I am not an introvert and I make new friends easily and that is the worst case of me. I make new friends and I think they will stand by my side when I am in trouble. Now I am completely changed. I am now struggling to start a new conversation with new people. At certain time periods, I think of the proverb-“Jack of all trades, master of none”. I feel confined between small boundaries. I had been so foolish to not even get to know the difference between classmates and friends. Now I know them. 

I can tell you that I learned more from my relatives than from my friends, especially how not to be. There are four siblings for my father and three siblings for my mother. They seem to be more annoying for me (I don’t say them as a whole, but some for sure). I am not talking about the distant relatives. Nearer the relatives, nearer the annoyance. 

I hate them. At times when I speak like this, I think of Jesus Christ and his preaching-“To love everyone, even your enemies”. They are not my enemies, but those who don’t have the real happiness over your success is also your enemy too. 

I like my dad the most. He is kind to everyone. If any of my relatives is sick and they had to go to hospital, they call my dad and my dad without any hesitation, starts his bike and runs for them to care of. Even if he has any urgent work, he postpones it. But if it is for my dad, my relatives even hesitate to make a phone call to my dad, so that they might be asked any help, to take him to hospital, to buy him tablets (even if my dad pays them for tablets). That is the stage where I started hating my relatives. 

At times, when my dad does good deeds, I like to be him. At times, when my dad does good deeds, I tell myself not to be like him. 

And here is the valuable lesson I learned:


This is the mantra that had made me learn these valuable lessons. 

So, I save this lesson here for my future children, grand children and for all those who call me ancestors. I don’t like to learn things from what others tell me. I always learn certain things from my own, which I consider valuable. So, let them learn this lesson by their own. 




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