My Love Story Must Be..#101

       Hi Gals and Guys, this is Lesley from MyChronicles007

The subject is how I want my love story to be. 

As I am still single and have no idea whether I get into a relationship with someone in the future or not, I study about love, relationships, how to give equal importance to my dear, how to spend useful time with her, how to treat them the right way, how to control my mood swings and all that could make me stay alive in a relationship. 

All I do every day is, to pray to God to give me a good girl friend. I have faith over God and I am sure, he gives me the best. I think of that dream face, how it would be, how she smiles, the way he laughs, how she used to go mad at me, etc. But, wait..!!

All I said is, all day I dream about my dear. But I didn’t say it will be love at first sight. I want my love story to be a phileo-friendship reborn as love between the two. I have a jealously feel when I get to listen to love stories like “They two working in Infosys are yet to be married next month”, “They had been friends for years and now it ended in marriage”. 

So, now all I want is a girl friend, to be a good friend for me, to be a person who comes first when I am in a struggle, to be a person to comfort me in times I feel like I’m broken. I should feel comfortable around her, I should enjoy her company. Ultimately, I should feel the world is small when around her. 

That is all I want, all I want. And I am around 19 now. Still I am struggling to make friends in the opposite gender. And I am sure she is not from my college, as I know it is hard to get a girl friend in my college having my friends here, as they have the will power to easily break up my relationship with their foolishness. 

Thus I end it as how Paulo Coelho ends his “The Alchemist”, 

“I am coming, Fathima.”




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