Don’t Follow Your Dreams #100

         You may be familiar to this popular saying, “Follow your dreams” or “Don’t follow your dreams, chase them” like that. The both are no different. They say the same thing- work for your dreams. These kinds of quotes are to motivate people and be focused over achieving their dreams. 

               But I don’t cheer people to follow their dreams. All I tell my friends is to follow their passion. No matter what your profession, no matter what you are studying, no matter whether your graduation is relevant or irrelevant to your passion, try to satisfy your passion and make yourself happy first. You might be running for others, for your parents, for your family, wife and children. But get to know that you live for one and only you. Here, you refer to not only you. This ‘YOU’ includes your body, your soul and your conscience. 

Main Reason why I say this is, if you are in your track running towards your goal/dream, and one day if you die accidentally, your death will be incomplete. And those fellow passions that God gave you make no sense in your life. Passion of one is so unique that none other than you can do judgment for that. 

I see many parents forcing their children to do computer courses in their summer vacation and also I see many children with no interest attending those classes. In my Class X, I read a poem about those children who were playing in the grasslands and those child labors who sleep on those grasslands while they get the time. This not only tells about the life of child labors, it has now become the day-to-day life of many children, being urged to learn things as much as possible in the earliest. They, even after growing will have no knowledge about what it is to live the life of passion. If they had been taught to spend time for what desires them, soon they learn the art of living and giving equal respect to each others’ desires. 

So, at last, live for your passion, no matter whatever your profession is. 



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