Different Forms Of Love #99

                     ​Love shows different forms to different people. It takes one specific form to one person. It is rare that love takes more than one form with one person. The thing is everyone loves someone for sure. Some don’t like to tell it to anyone, some like to share it with their friends, so that he could be high over his/her friends. 

What are all those different forms of love?

Love at first sight:

Some don’t have faith over the love at first sight; they consider this as attraction over the external beauty. But it is not. I have already written a separate post on this topic- Love @ First Sight. Use this link to view that post. Ancient Greeks call this kind of love as Eros. 

Love after Friendship:

This kind of love is all about those two in friendship, who after some period of time feel the love inside themselves and one of the two, unable to control their inner feelings, will express it, propose to the other and then it moves on smoothly. There are fewer chances that they break up their relationship or one of the two refuses to accept the love and be stayed in the friend zoned. It is all because they two have spent times together almost and they understand each other completely and they know how to give equal importance to each others’ desires and make time for each other. Ancient Greeks call this kind of love as Phileo. 

Love among the family members, friends and relatives:

Love over your parents and your parents’ love towards you, all come under this section. You can never define this kind of love nor pretend to define. It is the kind of love that expects nothing from the other, but only time to show up. All this kind of love wants is to spend time with, to express the love and nothing else. Ancient Greeks call this as Storge.

Eternal Love:

This kind of love is very rare and can be found in about 1 in 1 lakhs people. It is the kind of love that expects nothing and it makes one keep on loving the other, no matter she got married to some other, no matter how far she hates him, he will keep on loving her- The Love that expects nothing. But also to be noted, the person with this kind of love never forces the other to love him back and will never want to be a torture for the other. Ancient Greeks call this as Agape. It never expects for any sexual implications. 




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