What If You Die Tomorrow #98

It is sure none’s gonna replace and it is known that there is no better replacement for your position. There are many things that will be left blank, if you die tomorrow. Many things will never get their space filled. I am not going to talk about those. All I concern about is those goals, desires, your thoughts and your plans towards your future. What I try to say is, none will get to know how far you planned to start a new hotel in your place, your plans to start your own business with your family members, your dreams about your love life, how you wanted to love your wife, what are all those designs you had in your mind about your dream house and many more. List goes up and it differs for everyone. All these dreams, plans will get buried with your body once you die. None knows about these. 

It is said that our brain takes one hour of time to recap all our memories once we die. That is our memories last for about 1 hour even after our death, which tells us the importance of memories in one’s life. This is the matter of subject of this post. 

Your memories

        Your memories

        Your memories….

Will your parents come to know how far you constructed your dream house in your mind?

Will your sister come to know your expectations towards your dream wife?

Will your friends come to know how much you loved them?

Will your pet dog comes to know that you planned to buy him a beautiful kennel with television for him, from your first month salary?

Will your sister come to know that you planned to watch animation movies each week with her daughter?

And a lot more to say…only you know these questions, these personalized questions…!


All I say is record your dreams somewhere, record your plans in a diary like notebook and record everything as much as possible. Many have the habit of writing personal diaries. My sister’s friend used to write personal diaries right from her childhood, when she started to learn essays and paragraphs in her schoolings. Her mother made it compulsory for her to write one page about what you did today. She told that she felt angry over her mother’s act that time and now when she used to read her diaries, she had no words to express how excited she felt inside. That is the ultimate goal- Excitement over silly things which makes life meaningful. 

Just imagine this in your mind, closing your eyes –“ How it would be to read your diaries and plans you recorded with your wife in your late 60’s in the easy chair window side with that pleasant smell you dreams make…!

Start recording your dreams and plans today. Another thing that adds up to this is, more you record/write about your dreams, the more your brain keeps you concentrated on your works to make your dreams come true. 

Hope you enjoyed it. Let me know your thoughts about this post in the comment section. Waiting eagerly to read out your comments.




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