Marriage Functions- Last Hope For United Families #97

        As it is India, we give more importance to marriage functions, engagement functions, more than the actual marriage (hearts getting united). As it is India, they give more importance to Relationships, family relations, getting united, spending time with the family members
As my father’s family was once a joint family and my grandfather ran a Granite Business, so mostly everyone in the street knows our family and we have more blood relations. So during every ‘auspicious day-muhoortham’, we will receive a marriage invitation. During every such marriage, my grandpa forces me to attend these marriage functions, as he had a fear we all blood relations could get separated and at some point of time in life, we could not get to know each other even when we are nearer to each other. When my grandpa used to advice me like this, I don’t care about that, as I had been a child those days. But now, my father receives marriage invitations, but I have none to compel me to attend marriage functions. My parents think of the difficulties in taking all of us to the marriage, so they leave us. Now I am a grown up, I think more of my life, I care about my blood relations and family members. So now I decided to attend marriage functions along with my dad. It is of more fun getting to know my relations. It was like a journey to unknown places, getting new friends. More than my life, I think of my children’s life. Will they have the blood relations as I had?  Do they get to know the value of family members? Do they have some other relations to show love on them other than her/his dad and mom? 

It is still a question. We are running, running, running and running. Everyone is running as if death is the destiny. No it is not. Only the journey of life and the lessons are the life, actually. So it is the right time. We are going to be the future community. It is no use blaming others that they had not built the right community for us. Let us create a better tomorrow. 




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