Now It’s Time For Yogi #96

           ​Politics is everywhere around one, especially with Indians. Politics is also a major thing why Indians struggle to succeed in mostly everything. And the place of Authority or power is the place where it enroots, becomes strong, grows, and evolves into a great power and one day it starts controlling the place which gave birth to this. Previously it’s about Modi Ji and now it is about The Great Yogi Ji. The moment when Modi’s outfit started fading out, RSS started to select its new leader. That’s how they chose Yogi Ji. To be noted, I didn’t said RSS searched for a new leader, it chose its next one. RSS has been creating its tomorrow’s leaders every day. 

They are now paving way for Yogi Ji directly to The Prime Minister Position, next after Modi Ji. You can see things about Yogi Ji becoming viral in the Internet- “Yogi ordered to issue school bags with Akileshs’ picture, Yogi has only two dresses, Yogi made strict restrictions over this and that, bla bla bla…” And still there are blind people believing Yogi a good replacement for Modi. And those innocent ones are the target of RSSBJP’s IT team. That’s how they succeeded in the case of Modi

There are three teams working behind Modi Ji in creating his mass figure, what to speak, what not to speak, how to dress, how to behave, what to do in what time and everything.

1. Mc Cann

2. Madison World

3. Ogilvy Mather

If you google about them, you can get to know how much they spend to create their social media presence and how they present those great magicians in front of the innocent Indians.

Now it’s time for Yogi. It is not so difficult to replace Modi with Yogi. They are going to do the same with Yogi as they did with Modi. So please be awake. Create awareness as much as possible. Let us make India great again. Hope you spread this message as much as possible. 




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