Ways To Use Social Media Productive #95

​Ways To Use Social Media Productive:

                     We all are so curious to make money online, use it in a productive way, especially from the social media websites. Now everyone’s attention is towards Facebook and YouTube, as because they are so easy to use, everyone knows it, everyone has been active in those sites for years and no extra knowledge is needed to use them. That’s the reason why people love to make money from these two websites mostly. Also because many new YouTube channels and Facebook pages had emerged recently, getting many likes and shares and successful, these two websites are in the flash light. 

Recent Times:

Many youngsters and teens are curious about owning a YouTube channel or a Facebook page. Many have tasted the fruit of success, many are still struggling with some hope inside them and still many in the same phase where they started. So let’s stick to the topic: being productive.


I don’t know whether we can make money by having a Facebook account or a page, by simply getting likes. But if you have a FB page with decent likes and still growing, you can use it to advertise others’ products, share information about those products in your page and make money. But it takes more time to get likes for your page. All you can do is, you can promote your page to get paid traffic to your page for money. Or if you don’t want to lose money for this, you just find fb groups related to your page and share your page’s posts to that group, tell your audiences to comment or share your post. 


It is very easy to create a YouTube channel, and get your initial subscribers (your friends can be those). In YouTube, you can earn money by the same thing-ads. But the thing is you need to get more than some ‘k’ views to get advertisements in your channel, which is quiet difficult.

How Others Succeeded:

The easiest one to get more followers quickly is the Facebook. How others succeeded in the recent times is by having YouTube at the back end and Facebook at the Front End. That is how many channels are running successfully. For example, in the south of India, YouTube channels like 1kg Biriyani, Jump Cuts, Eruma Saani got their subscribers and viewers only through Facebook page. They first promoted their videos in Facebook, where it is so easy to share the content to their wall and share content with our friends. They became popular in Facebook with their videos and slowly moved up their audience to YouTube to view their videos.

How to Achieve This:

The thing is you need to constantly engage in whatever you are, whether it is wordpress or YouTube or Facebook or anything, you need to constantly be actively working on it in order to keep your followers separating from you. If not, your followers will be driven off from you. 




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