Dreams Have Great Insights #94

             In this machine world, everyone is running to earn, to survive, and to make sure they exist in this world and at last to be happy or to let others believe they are happy. Amidst this, there comes the time to sleep, to give a break to our survival run in this heavy world. It is said that dreams we get while sleeping is to rewind the day passed, and to make things perfect that went imperfect and it gives us warning signals related to our day to day life and also they have great insights about our life. For example, you dream like losing someone or something close to your heart. It means you have been postponing something and running away from something and it reminds you to stop and face whatever the challenge is. 
What happened to me is, I dreamt like losing my mom one day, I woke up and then only I started blogging, everything seemed to be fixed in their place and life slowly moved on. Later, I turned upside down. I went back to the position where I started, that is becoming lazy, doing things during the dead line, postponing daily works and a lot to mention. Being so, I dreamt like losing my Moto G3 and I woke up and made sure it is there in its place. So suddenly I got to know that I am not in the right track of life survival. So I moved back, took advices from myself, made myself ready to join the race.

So now I can interpret dreams based on my life experiences. But nowadays I am getting same dreams twice. What I studied about it was it is trying to tell me something is important to be noticed that has been ignored so far by me. Yes of course, dreams have great insights about our day-to-day life. What I dreamt twice was, visiting a huge library with my friends and my cousin. It looked like something in the harry potter series movies, where libraries are over 1000 years old, with that beautiful smell of old books everywhere. I had this dream twice. And at that time of this dream, I had a strong desire to buy new books to spend my holidays meaningful; now I bought them..!!

And I am glad to hear your dreams. If you are interested to let me know them, use the comment section; let me know those golden dreams.




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