God Thinks Of The Poor More #93

                  ​We all would have been so kind to the poor, the beggars; we help the orphans and a lot more. So it is clear that God thinks of everyone he created. There has been a famous verse in the Holy Bible, “Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will reward them for what they have done”- proverbs 19:17. Whenever I cross beggars, especially the old ones, I feel so guilty, or feel like a person full of sins, I lend money to them always. That gives me happiness. 

I share my experience here that reminds me that God always think about the poor and the needies. I went to an exhibition recently with my family members. While getting ready to go out, I saw some coins on the table. I thought it would be useful to take tickets. I put them in my front pocket and walked away. I enjoyed the exhibition to the core, seeing people in groups, laughing and many. The main picture comes here. While walking out, I saw an old beggar begging for money. I suddenly checked my pockets to see whether there is any change and I get to know that the coins are still there, that I forget to use them. Without my knowledge, I smiled at that instance, thanking God and gave those coins to him and moved on.

Later coming back to home, I thought of it, I was excited of god’s grace. God is thinking about everyone he created. He never lets us down. Whenever you think none is there left for you, there is God (according to me it is Jesus Christ), thinking only about you, about your goodness. He will take care of you, look after you, and heal your wounds, even if you are a sinner. He gives you chances to take back your evils, to become good and to become his daughters and sons. I get to see my friends sharing posts like “There is none for me”, as because they broke up with their relationships, as they are in their teen hood. Whenever I get to see such posts, I think of their foolishness, how come they forget the one who created them. But eventually I make up my mind that everyone will understand, get to know about the eternal world and soul and return back to God’s feet. Life moves on at every stage of life, with the help of God.




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